His own, others’ hyperbole

David Heti is a stand-up comic sort of. One degree in Philosophy, another two in Law, he tells jokes. Described far more often than he’d like as a darker Woody Allen who doesn’t give a fuck what the audience thinks, it’s really not entirely true. It’s complicated, that’s all. Life, comedy—it’s complicated.

More often than not, he can be found doing this and that in New York or Toronto. He divides his time unevenly, but breakfast is best.




….offbeat genius… — thescenemagazine.ca

…a way with words and a brilliant mind… — mobtreal.com

…combination of vile, smart, dangerous material delivered by a nebbish nerd is devastatingly original… – ottawacomedy.com

Picture Woody Allen without the international success. — wherearetheshows.com

“An amazing, remarkably pointed self-critique…operating at such a level that people reacted to and took offence at the very forms of desire and unarticulated needs being revealed and lampooned. We are not talking about Two Girls One Cup…this was designed to pull apart our collective self-righteousness.” – One person

“You’re not funny.” – Another person

Some credits and mentions, etc. include The Dark Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs Zoofest, Montreal Fringe and Sketch Festivals, Halifax Pop Explosion, Cleveland Comedy Festival, the Best of Montreal Comedy Album, Schlemiel in TheoryPsychology Tomorrow Magazine, Precedent Magazine and in 2013 being named one of North by North East’s Twelve Funny People to Laugh at (or with) at NXNE.