a change of address of sorts

1 Oct

Hello, well, I suppose things were getting dull and there were some new photos taken and I stumbled across a friend’s little website which looked quite beautiful. Accordingly, I’m leaving–or I have left already–this website right here for another. So far as I understand things, there’s no “follow” or “subscribe” function on the new http://www.davidheti.com, but, then, that’s maybe liberating, no? Chance, happenstance, kismet, etc., as opposed to the cold, hard, determinedness of things actually functioning the way you’d like. I suppose there’s always Twitter and a new Facebook page that’s really yet to be set-up or figured out as to how it should be used, but, we’ll meet again. And, thanks so much for being here! Sincerely.

Also, I apologize to my father for the new website type. I understand that it may be difficult, impossible to read.



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