In and for itself

27 Sep

This is a link to a piece from Psychology Tomorrow Magazine about why some comics may go into stand-up and what they may get out of it. I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of being interviewed for the article, which touches upon several questions that I find to be endlessly fascinating.

Though certainly more than happy to have been involved in the piece and, obviously, to share it with others, I find the prospect of actually addressing directly questions such as what is stand-up or why go into it, frankly, to be somewhat anathema. For me, the only way of coming to terms with stand-up is by way of stand-up itself. I’m simply not sure of how it may otherwise be possible to avoid distorting what it is essentially.

Of course, this may be a limitation on my own behalf only. Still, perhaps somewhat more mercifully than the philosophers of language, choosing – forced? – to attempt to speak of language in ways almost around, or even outside of, language, I’ve simply provided a little joke, illustrative of my general thought and feeling.


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